Passion Week

We’ll be meeting in front of Crossroads @ 6:45.

Good Friday is the day when Christians all over the world pause to remember what Christ has done for us on the cross. If you’re a Christian, please join us as we commemorate this day. If you’re not, we invite you to come as well, to see what Christians mean when we say that Christ has come to take away our sins.

If you’d like to come, please let one of the staff know!

For those taking c101/c101x, we will start at 10am @ Kofman! For those not enrolled in Course, let’s meet at Crossroads @ 10:45am.

Join us for this Easter service in Alameda! Afterwards, we’ll be having lunch at a park nearby.

Again, please make sure one of the staff knows that you’d like to come!


1 Response to “Passion Week”

  1. 1 robertkim
    April 9, 2009 at 4:10 pm

    This week is passion week! Spending time perusing the Passion week reader has helped me to remember my exact need for the cross. I think I like Easter more and more every year as I move away from the bunny and the eggs to the real meaning, and the sobriety and clearness of thought that occurs in this week. It’s a solemn yet joyous time, which is why the good friday service graphic is dark and the Easter one so colorful. 😀

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