G-Live: Post-Mortem

It’s hard to believe that Gracepoint Live came and went, just like that! Personally, it’s rather surreal, especially as of yesterday when I went back to work. Whereas most of my fellow coworkers had a “typical weekend,” mine was anything but typical. As a church, we hosted an event that drew in 1900+ (not including our own regulars) over a span of three showings on one day! By the end of the day Sunday, one couldn’t even tell that we were there at Willard, let alone having hosted an amazing large-scale production!

Several people have shared encouraging stories of friends who were impacted by G-Live. Many more have been personally touched through this entire process. For me, I am once again reminded of how beautiful the church in action is when there’s a worthy cause out there. Specifically, it was a blessing for me to work with the seniors on the Intro Video. I knew most of these guys when they first started coming out. I’ve known Ron when Kairos first started, Chris Ko (of a2f) when he was a freshman, Josh Linville (president of a2f) when he came out as a frosh — and I was there when he made his decision, Wesker (of Koinonia) when he first came out to Kairos. They’ve come a long way since then — I have stories to prove it! Many of these seniors (and many more!) worked behind the scenes, whether it be testing out different ways to drop ink onto paper, setting/dressing up the locations, catching the ball thrown up into the air, dropping buckets of water, testing different umbrellas (and in the process, getting very, very wet… and ruining umbrellas), modifying a potato launcher to shoot flour out at an amazing speed, etc. In addition, Praxis members were also pulled to get the job done: there was the cameraman (who was smooth as butter), the people who composed the music, others who layered in the sound effects, and another who created the end piece from scratch to make the finished product much more snazzy. All these people gave it their all, even though their faces (or names) were never shown on the video. That, to me, is the church in action: people going all out not for their own personal glory, but for the sake of glorifying God alone!

How was your experience of GLive? Remember, as we’ve learned from Deuteronomy 8, much of Christian life is about remembering these kinds of things. What that entails, specifically, is to share our thoughts and feelings with one another!


2 Responses to “G-Live: Post-Mortem”

  1. 1 robertkim
    April 7, 2009 at 4:43 pm

    I don’t know if post-mortem is the best way to describe it. Yes, G-live the production is over, but the memories of the church working together to put on a production, the testimony of saying our God is worth the effort, and the seeds of the Gospel message planted in the hearts of the people who saw G-live live on. G-live really is about what you do with it after its done. We can take the relationships we’ve built, and take the experience of working hard and losing yourself, to do something great. We can choose to respond to the message that was portrayed through entertaining and poignant skits. This week is passion week and I think it’s appropriate to wonder why we did all of this. The fresh perspective indeed…

    It’s all about the Guh-live! Nah, man, G-Live, as in…Gracepoint Live!

  2. 2 Michelle
    April 8, 2009 at 5:09 pm

    Wow, I cant believe G-Live has come and gone! This weekend was truly packed with the 4 performances (including the in house one on Friday night) and the many post G-Live celebrations we had afterwards! I think I am thankful for G-live because through it I have been able to get to know the Freshman class much better. When we first started the practices way back in February, everyone (except for all the Kairos students) seemed like a stranger but through these past couple of weeks I have gotten to know the freshmen a lot more. I think the frosh students can testify to this also, that G-Live helped break many barriers and lower walls so that by the end of it all we were truly one body working together! I am also thankful for the fellowship times with the rest of the staff.. through all the ups and downs and the craziness of doing costumes I got to know my friends Jenny and Suzanne a lot better and we now have many fond memories to look back on and laugh about!

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