Welcome Back: First Week of School

UPDATE: Rides to church this Sunday will not be provided. Please use the transit/bart to get to Northloop (here’s one route that you can take).

Hi everyone, welcome back from vacation! Hope you all had a relaxing and enjoyable time (and hopefully no broken limbs from snowboarding, skiing, and the like).

Gracepoint Fellowship Church Winter Retreat 2009

Time of sharing and playing games

Time of sharing and playing games



I’m personally looking forward to the retreat that’s coming up this weekend (Friday-Sunday). It will be a good time for us, as a church, to start off the new year on the same page. From talks to personal testimonies from members of our church (each with his/her own unique background), it will definitely be a spirit-led time. Moreover, there will be plenty of opportunities to fellowship, share, and play games!

For those who’d still like to go, it’s not too late to sign up! Please let Abe know if you’re still interested!

Those of you who signed up will be contacted shortly on rides. Please bring warm clothes and appropriate rain gear — it’s forecasted to rain.

Sunday Worship Service @ NORTHLOOP

Since many of us will be at the retreat, service this Sunday (still at 1:30pm) will be at our Northloop building. If you’re interested in coming out to Alameda for service, please contact Abe ASAP so that he can arrange rides for you (it would be much harder to do so when I’m at the retreat). Here’s how you can use the transit system to get there.

That is all for now. Email Abe if you have any questions — otherwise, see y’all at the retreat (or next week)!


4 Responses to “Welcome Back: First Week of School”

  1. 1 tlin
    January 21, 2009 at 1:39 pm

    yay! I’m excited.
    Is there some kind of packing list or anything?

  2. January 21, 2009 at 6:02 pm

    Glad you asked, Tammy. All the pertinent information (including driving directions) is on our Gracepoint website here. But to save you guys an extra click, here’s the list of things to bring:

    DT journal
    clothes for sports
    umbrella or waterproof jacket (40% chance rain)
    warm clothes (highs in 50s, lows in 40s)
    water bottle
    sleeping bag: not necessary, but you may want to have a few per group just in case
    *towels are provided

  3. 3 robertkim
    January 21, 2009 at 11:39 pm

    Abe saved me a click! Thank you for taking such a difficult task for me. Oh man, I’m excited. My first winter retreat 😀

  4. 4 andy
    January 23, 2009 at 12:30 pm

    The day of the retreat! If you’re coming, I’ll see you soon. If not, see you next week and have a great weekend!

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