July 4th Weekend

Update (7/3): We’re now meeting at Crossroads at 9:30am. Also, please bring a water bottle and $12 for the trip. You know you love these last minute updates. =D
Update (7/2): We won’t be doing anything tomorrow at Andy/Amy’s anymore. I’ve fleshed out our July 4th plans a bit more, so please read below:

Update (7/1): We’ll be having our weekly DT sharing this Thursday (7/3), right after the BBQ. 

Howdy, folks! I can’t believe it’s already July. Where did all the time go? Welcome back to those who have been taking Session C, and for those who will be arriving back for Session D… my condolences. Haha, just kidding — can’t wait to see you guys again.

Since everyone still has class (and/or work) on July 3rd, we’ll be taking it easy and meet up at Andy & Amy’s later in the evening. If you’re guessing that we’ll be grilling and playing some games afterwards, then you have another thing coming. Wait, no… you’ll be right. But you can’t beat BBQ and games, right?

On July 4th, we’ll be heading out to Lake Chabot. We’ll bring the bikes, they’ll provide the boats, you just grab your shoes (and feet). Apart from biking, boating, and hiking, we’ll be charting out this area; since we’ve never been here as a Kairos group before, this will be a fun exploratory trip of sorts. As you can see from the photo above, it looks like it’s a beautiful place! 

[Update] Here’s our (tentative) plan: We’ll leave Berkeley (Crossroads) at 9am (not 10am anymore) 9:30am, arrive at Lake Chabot and start off with DT/DT sharing. Afterwards, we’ll go biking/hiking and then grab lunch. Then, we’ll go boating, head back to Alameda for dinner (grill!), and head on out to watch the fireworks nearby. Please bring warm clothes!

Please let me know if you can make it out on July 4th! As usual, we need the head count for rides and food (not to mention bikes). Oh, and if you don’t need a bike for whatever reason, please let me know that as well. =D


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