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It’s going to be a busy time in Kairos over the summer. For those of you who haven’t heard Kairos is going to join A2F Blue, but don’t worry, we’re going to keep the name of Kairos because we have lovely, high quality sweaters for the low, low price of $35 dollars (it wasn’t me who said it, it was Pastor Ed).

So this is going to be a highly uncertain time with major restructuring and adjustments made along the way, but amidst this uncertainty, one thing will be certain. We’re going to have an awesome new website.


It’s a classy website that gives off the collegiate look, something that Kairos has been moving towards more and more each year. Its color scheme is a warm amalgam of brown, light blue, and gold. The website maintains an avant-garde design which meets welcoming at the crux of functionality.

So come and join me in posting on the new website!


This Week: Bible Study on Thursday 5/21

Hi everyone!

I am guessing that most of you should be done with your finals by now or just about to finish.. Congrats on finishing up another school year and for those with finals tomorrow, hang in there.. it’s almost over!!

If you are still around in Berkeley, come join us tomorrow night for our All College Combined Bible Study @ 7pm @Northloop.  We will be giving rides @6:30pm @ Crossroads DC.  Please let MICHELLE (truong23@gmail.com) know if you can make it.  Dinner will be provided  at Northloop.

Also, if you are sticking around for the rest of this week, join us as we celebrate Cheng & Ron’s graduations:

Cheng- Thurs 5/21 9am @Greek Theatre

Ron- Sat 5/23 8:30am@ Greek Theatre

That’s it for this week.  Good luck on the rest of your finals & hope you guys have a great summer!


GFC Magic Mountain Trip June 8

As many of you already know, we are planning an ALL COLLEGE GFC Magic Mountain Trip on June 8!  What better way for us to celebrate the end of finals and the beginning of summer?  Come join us and meet us in LA for this fun event. For those in NorCal, we’ll take a road trip and carpool down to LA too!

Thanks to some strings that we pulled, we are able to get a really good price– about $23 per ticket, plus possibly an all you can eat buffet at a special picnic spot with cartoon people leading games!  You dont want to miss out on this!  We are trying to get an estimate of the number of people going, so if you are interested or even just thinking about coming, please sign up ASAP here:


Hey, I totally understand if you're too scared to go... :D

"Hey, I totally understand if you're too scared to go..." 😀

Stay tuned for more info re: meeting time and place.  Hope to see you all at Magic!!


Stress Relief 3: Senior (citizens) are Graduating!!

UPDATE: Bible Study this Friday @ 8pm @ First Pres Main Sanctuary
UPDATE: Dinner before Bible study (ALL-KAIROS) @ 6:30pm @ Dana House. The staff will be providing a delicious, “encourage-you-for-finals” meal!! 😀

After 4 long years, our seniors will be graduating next week! I wonder if they want to REDO these past 4 years? Maybe they should watch this video spoof:

Let’s all go out to their graduations to celebrate and yell for them as they walk across the stage!

  • Wednesday, May 20 @ 2pm – Curtis Lee – Zellerbach Auditorium
  • Thursday, May 21@ 9am – Cheng Chen – Molecular & Cell Biology
  • Saturday, May 23 @ 8:30am – Ronald Tong – Industrial Engineering Operations Research (not Industrialized societies as earlier stated. Thanks Jessica of Kairos 1 for the catch!! Glad someone reads this blog carefully 🙂 )

Also, if you want to say any farewell words, put it in the comments! And if the seniors have any words of wisdom, you can do likewise.

As we reminisce about the seniors, here’s a video they made for the staff to show their appreciation for Gracepoint Live 2009! It’s pretty funny and nostalgic:

Indeed, this is the end of an era for our seniors and all of us here at Kairos 2 and Gracepoint Fellowship Church wish all of our seniors the best!!

If you haven’t checked our blog in a while, there are 2 other fun stress relief posts: Check them out and let us know any awards you would like to give!


Stress Relief 2: Freshmen Glive Thx Video

Glive ended just over a month ago, but we’re still feeling the aftershocks of that awesome event! Here’s a thank you video that the freshmen of Gracepoint Berkeley made for their staff. It’s hilarious!

Only thing… bet some of the stressed out freshmen are wondering what happened to their time this semester. Well, at least here was time well spent!

Thanks freshmen for your show of gratitude!

Also, if you haven’t submitted your award nominations, please do so soon!

Finally, here are some pictures of our Kairos Year End Celebration and Graduation Sunday at Gracepoint!

Congratulations Gracepoint Seniors!!

Celebrating the completion of 4 fine years!!

You know we had a great time with this much food!!

"iPaper will revolutionize the way you think about computing"

Were the team titles this funny 😀

Winning team celebrating their hard earned victory!

"What? Hawaii is a country!!"

End of the year Kairos slideshow


Stress Relief 1: Kairos 2 Awards!!

Alright all you stressed out students out there! I know how you’re feeling; I was there for 5 long years!! So, to help you get a good study break from time to time, for the next 2 weeks we’ll be posting things to help relieve your stress!

So to launch things off, we want to commemorate the completion of yet another year here at Kairos 2 by having a pseudo awards ceremony! What does this mean you ask? Well, I’m not really sure… But it’s something like this: 


Nacho Nacho Men

Nacho Nacho Men


  • Nomination for the most faithful blog commentor: Robert Kim (I think he would win this not just for Kairos, but for all of Gracepoint Berkeley!)
  • Nomination for the most grammatical errors on the blog: Johnny Yang (this doesn’t have to apply just to our blog, he makes errors in almost  every email he sends me. haha!)
  • Nomination for the most incredible nachos: Ryan Theimer and Richard Ma (that tray during our potluck could have fed all-kairos and then some)

Alright, I think you get the point! If you want to make some nominations just put them in the comments section. Be nice though 🙂 After a week, we’ll compile the best and have an “unofficial” awards ceremony (on our blog that is).

In other news, here’s the slideshow that was shown during the Kairos year end celebration. Thanks Dora (of Kairos 3) and Ernie (of Kairos 1) for working on it!!

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Weekly Update, Gracepoint Fellowship Worldview Camp, MYT, and more!


Sisters Mother’s Day Card-Making Party
8pm @ the YWCA
The sisters will be making some slick cards for their mothers together. Don’t miss out on the party! Bros, even though you’re not invited, don’t forget to send a card to your mothers. (Psst, flowers are also nice.)


UPDATE: We will be meeting for dinner tonight in 1st Pres courtyard @6pm, it’s bring your own food and eat together to share in fellowship!

Dinner. 5:45pm @ TBA 6pm @1st Pres, bring your own food
Final GTS Session. 7pm @ First Pres
Kairos End-of-the-Year Banquet. after GTS @ TBA

The semester is coming to a close, and so are the GTS courses! For those taking Course 101/x, we’re covering Week 8. After GTS, we’ll be having an all-Kairos banquet with nice snacks and drinks. It’ll be a great way to end the year (right before you all head into finals)!


Sunday Worship Service. 11:30am @ Willard Middle School

Segueing out of school and into the work force

Segueing out of school and into the work force

Special Sunday : (1) we’ll be having our Gracepoint Monthly and (2) it’s Senior Sunday, which means the seniors will be doing something special for us. Come join us as we listen to various testimonies of how God has worked in their lives, and as they perform their “senior song” on stage.


Gracepoint Worldview Camp
6/17-620 @ Northloop (but SIGNUP by 5/15)

The Worldview Camp has become an annual tradition here at Gracepoint Fellowship Church. It has been designed to train and equip the minds of college students in important topics, such as:

* Abortion
* Euthanasia
* Intelligent Design, Evolution, Science and Faith
* Sexual Ethics, and more…
  • Abortion
  • Euthanasia
  • Science and faith
  • Sexual Ethics
  • and much, much more

This year, Sean McDowell will come as the guest speaker. If you came to GTS a few weeks back, then you’ll remember what an amazing speaker he is. I’m excited about this, and hopefully so are you! So please sign up online by May 15 (only ten days away).

6/13-6/17 (SIGNUP)

As many of you know, we are involved with Impact, a non-profit org geared towards reaching out to inner-city Oakland kids. We’re at it again this summer, and we’ll need every help we can get. If you have a passion for kids (ahem, Johnny), you can learn more about it at the signup page.

MYT (Multiply Your Talents)
6/5-7/24 @ TBA (SIGNUP)

8 weeks, 11 classes (such as audio systems, filming, photography, photoshop, etc) to choose from. Sign up, so you can, one day, make a promo video like this one:

Deadline for signing up is Wednesday, May 27.

Upcoming Events

Thurs, 5/21
All College Bible Study

7pm @ North Loop, starting with dinner

Sun, 5/24
10am Prayer Meeting
Gracepoint Sunday Service
11:30am @ Willard Middle School

About Us

We’re part of Kairos Christian Fellowship and belong to the bigger family that is Gracepoint Fellowship Church, Berkeley.